Myofascial Cupping

The therapy of massage cupping uses suction on the skin in order to mobilize the blood which can promote healing. The vacuum formed by the cupping draws up stagnant blood, bringing it to the surface so it can be flushed out and fresh circulation and oxygen can heal the injury underneath. It can help treat pain, muscle knots, swelling, and deep scar tissue in muscles and connective tissue. This type of massage cupping is performed with silicon cups that are used without fire or a suction tool.

Types of Cupping:


Smooth gliding movement using a carrier oil/lotion.


This method involves leaving a cup on a problem area for 2-15 minutes to promote blood flow. The area will get red, an indication of healthy blood flow. Any marks on your skin after treatment are temporary, but some may take up to a week or longer to completely disappear. Darker discoloration generally indicates more stagnation and waste present in the area.

Benefits of Cupping:

Increase Circulation & Qi (Energy)

Release and Restore Fascia (Connective Tissue)

Reduce Inflammation, Muscle & Joint Pain

Activate Lymphatic Drainage (Detox)

Improve Mobility, Flexibility & Athletic Performance

Shorten Recovery Time

Visibly & Effectively Reduce Cellulite

Sculpt, Contour & Tone

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