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Wellness Specials

Enjoy $10 Off All Gift Certificates

*Extra Savings on Series of Three or More*

The season of thankfulness and giving is upon us. Treat yourself and loved ones to the gift of health and get a gift certificate for a massage!

Do you suffer from stress? We have the perfect remedy for that! There is nothing more relaxing than a hot stone massage on a heated table. It will immediately melt your stress and tension away and lower your blood pressure.

Do you have neck, back, or shoulder pain? We have the answer to that too! Try cupping with deep therapeutic massage to really work out those muscle knots and keep them pain free.

During most of the year and the holidays especially, we are always caring for everyone around us. We must care for ourselves as well. Self-care is essential and we can do it in a variety of ways. Take a bath, treat yourself to lunch, go for a walk in the forest, read a good book, or get a massage. The beginning of the year isn't just for hitting the gym, it's for being a healthier and happier you. What better way to do that than by being stress and pain free?

That is why we are offering huge discounts on series bundles!!! Buy three massages and get the fourth one FREE! That's $70 in savings! Experiencing regular bodywork in a series is the best way to go. Your muscles will adapt to change more quickly, relax, and stay pain free for longer.


        This deal will last until the end of January! Don't miss out!

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Three Gift Certificates

Triple Bundle (as a series)