About Your Therapeutic Session

My specialty includes introducing therapeutic bodywork to people. Whether it’s your first time receiving massage/bodywork or not, I find the pressure that works best for you but challenges you as well. It’s sometimes painful work, but in the long run it will help alleviate chronic pain, improve range of motion, flexibility and muscular endurance.

During a single session I like to use many methods and modalities. First, we warm up your muscles using Swedish/Esalen massage which are lighter longer strokes. From there we will go into myofascial work, slow and deep work, in order to find any trigger points you might have. Trigger points can be found in many parts of the muscle fascia and sometimes will cause pain to other regions of the nerve branch in a different part of the body. Trigger points are an overlap of muscular and nervous system pain. Through deep pressure and breathing techniques you can release/relax these trigger points, which can help keep you pain free for longer durations after your session.

Another way we can find trigger points is by cupping. Soft cupping is a great method to break up muscle knots, scar tissue and release trigger points. Through suction, the body starts to bring freshly oxygenated blood to a specific area of muscle and will flush out any stuck toxins or lymph. Lastly, if we are working out a specific problem area, we might do muscle activation techniques to loosen a muscle in order to improve range of motion and release tension.

After the session, I can teach and demonstrate different stretches and exercises in order to maximize effectiveness of the work we do during the session. This will keep you pain free for longer periods of time and help strengthen the muscles that need attention to help pain from returning.

NOTE***  This is just an example of some of the therapeutic work that I do. If you are looking for a more relaxing session, we will work at your level of comfortable pressure to put your mind and body at ease. Swedish/esalen massage is beneficial to those who for example are sensitive, have high blood pressure, thyroid issues, high stress or anxiety.

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